What you need to know when buying Covid-19 signage for your business

According to Safe Work Australia, all businesses should use a combination of formal and informal communication methods around Covid safety, including signs, posters and stickers. But with all the information out there, where do you start? To help you in choosing what’s right for you and your business, we have put together our top tips on what type of signs to invest in, communicating your business’ policies as well as the resources and government pages you should be paying attention to.*

 Types of posters 

The first step is getting the basics sorted. Depending on your office size and industry, you will need to invest in a range of posters, signage and stickers, including:

  • a summary of measures employees are expected to take in order to stop the spread,
  • how to correctly wash hands in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms,
  • capacity and distancing requirements, such as how many people are allowed in specific areas (ie lift),
  • seating signs to allow for the required 1.5-metre distance in waiting rooms and communal areas,
  • reminders on wiping down equipment,
  • when to wear a mask


  • location of handsanitizers.



Business policies and communication

In addition to putting up posters on behaviour and etiquette, you must take a straightforward approach in communicating new COVID-related workplace policies. This includes letting your employees know when not to attend work, for example when they have symptoms or have been travelling, as well as providing information on any training that is required. Investing in signage that is specific and tailored to your business is key to creating a sense of security.



This may seem obvious, but it is important that your signage is clearly visible and legible. Large fonts, good quality prints and repeated display are key here. Your employees shouldn’t have to squint to be able to read your signs, wonder how many people should be in the kitchen or bathroom at one time or be confused over how long they should be washing their hands. Better put up a few signs too many than not enough.


Stay informed

It’s your duty to stay up to date with the latest regulations and communicating these to your employees. The following resources and checklists will help you in creating a safe workplace so that your employees will feel comfortable returning to work.


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*Please note, this is not an official guide, this post aims to sum up some important key points. Please pay attention to information being put out by official government bodies and industry-specific authorities.